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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Apr 17, 2019

This Episode Is The Return of Chad Finkbeiner and We Shoot The Breeze About A Bunch of Things, But Mostly We Discuss A Book He Wrote Years Ago About Common Childhood Myths and We Apply Them To Kids Through Adults...You're Gonna Get A Lot Out Of It!

Topics Include…

  • Common Childhood Myths Exposed and Corrected
  • Manners Aren’t Just For Geeks
  • Getting Over The “It's Not My Fault” Lie…It's Always Your Fault
  • The Importance of Family Time
  • Get Off Your Phone When You’re Out To Dinner
  • More Reasons Why Diane Finkbeiner Is A Superhuman
  • Writing A Book and Looking Back Over Time… 
  • Protecting Lincoln, Describing Yellow, Outer Space, Female Celebrities, And More! 

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