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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

May 13, 2020

This Episode Is A Convo With Trainer, Mobility & Rehab Specialist, Author of The Iron Clad Training Body System, Podcast Host, and Good Dude Rafal Matuszewski. Rafal Has A Great Approach To Moving & Feeling Better With Tactical Methods On How To Get There.  In This Chat Rafal Discusses A Number of Things Such As Common Issues People Feel and How To Overcome Them, How He Got Started In This Industry, Starting With The Basics and Mastering Them, Putting Together Your Own Program, Assessments, Making Sushi, Tattoos, Describing Neon Blue, and More! So Take An Hour and Detach From The Chaos, and Checkout The Chatter Between One of The Best Musicians On Earth and A Mumbling Moron! Yes Indeed My Friends! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • Pronouncing Matt-Two-Shoe-Ski
  • Getting Into The Health & Fitness Industry
  • Adjusting To Life During This Corona Virus Pandemic
  • Drawing From Past Experience To Find Your Calling
  • Working With A Number of Different Health Practitioners
  • Assessing Your Movement Quality, Lifestyle, and Pains
  • A Breakdown of The The Iron Clad Body Training System
  • Scaling Progressions & Regressions That Fit You
  • Putting Together Your Own System and Program
  • Finding True Success For You Instead of Social Media Influence
  • The Speed of Getting There Doesn't Matter…Just Get There
  • Focusing On One Thing and Doing It Really Well Produces Results
  • Living In A Way Right Now To Be Able To Live Well At 90
  • The Significant Meanings Behind His Tattoos
  • Personal Mentors That Have Shaped Rafal's Life
  • Stop & Breathe
  • Neon Blue, The Pit Brewery, Making Sushi, Eggs & Rice, And More!

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