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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jun 23, 2021

This Episode Is An Overview of My 36 Quick and Off The Top of The Head Life Lessons From My 36 Years On Earth.  Coming Off of A Birthday Weekend I Thought It'd Be Fun To Highlight Some Tips I've Picked Up From My Time On This Planet.  Aside From That We Do A Quick Weekend Recap and Then Answer A Few Questions At The End.  In This Episode I Talk About Birthdays, Grocery Shopping, Polenta Struggles, Taking Care of Your Body, Taking Care of Your Salvation, Telling People You Love Them, Supporting Local Things, Trying New Things, Not Ruffling Feathers, Sardines With Keys & More! As Usual There's A Whole Lotta Other Ramblings and It's An All Around Good Time! So Stick Around, You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

✔️ A Weekend Recap

✔️ Celebrating Birthdays & Fathers 

✔️ Grocery Shopping Can Be Dangerous But Also Fun

✔️ What To Do With Polenta Is Mysterious

✔️ Why You Should Tell People You Love Them

✔️ Finding Jesus Is More Paramount Than Health & Fitness

✔️ Your Tastebuds Change… Test Them Often

✔️ Find A Mentor Sooner Than Later & Accept That You Don't Know Everything

✔️ Talk To Strangers With Genuine I

✔️ Old School R&B/Soul Solves A Ton of Life Problems

✔️ Be Firm But Not Unwilling To Change

✔️ Sweat More Often & Get Outta Your Comfort Zone

✔️ Make Time To Spend With Your Wife

✔️ How Much Dairy & Overall Calories Should You Eat

✔️ Taking Bias Out of Teaching & CRT

✔️ Exciting Things In Fitness These Days

✔️ Sardines With Keys, Pepperidge Farm, Not Being A Jerk, & Much More!


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