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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Jan 29, 2020

This Episode Is An Off The Cuff Listing and Brief Explaining of 34 Life Lessons That I Have Picked Up In My 34 Years On This Earth As A Non-Married Man.  The Age, and The Singleness Per-say Are Not Really Important I Just Got The Idea To List Out What I Think 34 of The Most Valuable Things That I Have Picked Up/Would Give Advice To Others.  

Note: This Is Not A Thorough, Well Thought Out, Comprehensive List…It Is Simply What Initially Came To My Mind As Significant (Which In Itself Makes It That Much More Important, Sure, and Valuable In Many Ways In My Opinion).  

I Don't Doubt That With Time To Reflect and Compile A List That some Things Would Change…But Sometimes The Unloading of Your Heart In The Moment Is Truly Reflective Of What Stands Out Most Supremely! 

So In This Episode I Cover Everything From Being There, Making Health A Priority, White Belts, Mentorship, Progressive Overload, Content-ness, Dancing, Loving, and More! You’re Gonna Love It!

Topics Include…

  • A Catchup On 34 Life Lessons From 34 Years On Earth Solo
  • The Importance of Being There When Being There Is All That's Needed
  • Make Your Health A Priority In Your Life and Give It Your Constant Focus
  • Finding God Sooner Than Later
  • You're Gonna Make Mistakes…and That's Ok
  • Accept That You Don't Know Anything and Adopt The White Belt Mentality 
  • It's Never To Late To Change Your Life 
  • Longevity Has IT's Places and Other MLK Takeaways
  • Taking Risks and Talking To Skateboarders
  • Speaking Softly But Carrying Big Sticks 
  • Dancing, Dancing, and More Dancing…It's A Key To Life
  • Holding Yourself To A High Standard and Seeking Progress
  • Your Life Is Not About You, And More! 

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