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Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Oct 6, 2021

Checkout Episode 212 of Cool, Calm, & Chaotic Where After A Quick Life Catchup I Give Part 1 In A 3 Part Series Where I Break Down 300 Little Life Lessons That I Have Picked Up, Done, Grown From, Used, Heard About, Failed It, Succeeded At, and Overall Have Found To Just Add To A Better Life.  These Aren't Meant To Be Deep Dives Into The Soul and Ethics For Life, Nor Are They The End All Be All To Anything… They're Just Some Really Good Things That You Can Pick Out and Do In Your Daily Life That I Think Are Solid.  Like Most Situations In Life, We Take Things Too Seriously and We Overlook The Fact That A Happy & Healthy Life Isn't That Complex… Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It! 

Topics Include…

✔️ What's Been Happening Recently With Concerts

✔️ Pumpkin Flavored Lovers Need To Unite

✔️ The 300 Little Things That I've Picked Up In Life

✔️ Telling People Every Single Day You Love Them

✔️ Putting Sprinkles On Twist Cones

✔️ Not Cheaping Out On Loved Ones

✔️ Doing The Dishes Right Away

✔️ Getting Control of Your Fitness, Finances, & Faith

✔️ Owning A Pair of Converse All-Stars

✔️ Doing Things That Take Your Breath Away

✔️ Owning Flex-Fit Jeans and Not Washing Them

✔️ Drinking Wine From Coffee Cups

✔️ Never Missing 2 Days In A Row

✔️ Don't Forget Those That Have Served The Country

✔️ Saying Yes and Saying No To Desserts

✔️ Never Assuming People Know What You Mean 

✔️ Crock Pot Recipes and Sharing Ideas

✔️ Take More Risks Early On In Life

✔️ Backwards Hats, Wearing Jerseys, Fun Socks, Goodfellas,  & Much More!


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